Life is Ceremony and You are the Altar

Beloveds, I am Liddy Scarlet, Sacred Space Holder, 500hr Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Cacao Guardian, Sound Ceremonialist, Womben's Guide, Herbalist and Ayurvedic Consultant

Weaving 12 years of embodied experience gathered from all 4 directions, I am inspired by the great traditions of Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, Shamanism, Earth Medicine, Sound & Song - and by the great mystery of life itself

Body Prayers, Heart Prayers, Earth Prayers

I live from the heart of these wisdom lineages and earth based traditions, delighting in awakening others to their innate power and connection to all that truly is

An earth and water wanderer in deep connection with the natural world, I am here to weave ancient traditions and received heart medicine through my teachings and space holding to guide you back to your natural radiant being

The Future has an Ancient Heart

It is when we gather in reverence to the Earth and Her teachings, that healing awakens and transformation ripples

Let us walk the beauty way together in sweet remembrance of our exquisite divine nature and kinship to all that is

4 week online journey bridging ancient wisdom to modern lifestyles to bring elemental harmony to your body & being

Organic, wildcrafted Guatemalan medicine from the heart of the Maya. Handmade with love in the traditional ceremonial way

Devī Yoga Classes
An initiation into the Goddesses of Shaktism, Tantra & Yoga: Weaving the ancient heart of the Goddess and the modern woman


"When you practice with Liddy, she completely captivates you. I often struggle to focus during my practice, but the combination of her beautiful flows, poetic stories, and yoga philosophies allow me to leave everything else behind and focus on myself in the moment. She challenges you both physically and mentally, allowing you to achieve things that you didn’t think possible. Truly a pleasure."

Yoga Practitioner

"I have attended Liddy's classes, both in person and online regularly over the last couple of years. I really enjoy her strong and energizing classes as well as her more subtle and healing slow flows. Liddy is an amazing teacher with a unique style and a variety of classes to offer from physically challenging flows to deeply relaxing restorative classes, to anchoring pranayama and meditation. She also became a calming and stabilizing influence during these difficult times. With love and gratitude."


"Liddy's innate ability to hold space for her students is unparalleled. Her deep understanding of yoga philosophy joined with her lively spirit makes classes with Liddy an unforgettable experience! I feel so fortunate that we crossed paths, and that I can call her one of my teachers. As is the case with all of the greatest teachers, she continues to be a student of life, growing and evolving, and leading us all by example."

Yoga Teacher

"Yoga with Liddy has been an inspiration to me at a time when I was suffering with an injury, had moved to a new community and felt quite lost. Her guidance and teaching has helped me to become grounded again and find my feet, remembering the love I have for nature, harmony and peace within. I will continue to grow and learn through Liddy’s teachings and friendship, filled with gratitude for this beautiful soul."

NGO Worker

"I have had the pleasure to practice and be educated both physically and spiritually by Liddy, her teachings link the physical and spiritual body during her yoga practice, she is a pleasure to learn from and a delight to practice with, may our paths continue to be shared."

NHS Professional

"I am fortunate enough to have practiced under Liddy’s wing in person over the past few years & hear her soothing tones of Sanskrit, philosophy and stories. Every word flows effortlessly giving you a true sense of her expansive knowledge. After having back surgery I felt supported by Liddy as she adjusted my movement so I could flow within my limits with no pressure, just supportive gestures. Her flows are alway intentional and offer adaptations for all. It really is an experience to be had practicing with Liddy; organic, rooted and real. I’m so grateful for her teachings on a mental and physical level unparalleled."


Let us walk the beauty way together